• live show August 10 in Vancouver

    We’re playing an early show at the Railway Club on August 10. RSVP here.


    Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

    apparently, as it turns out, the album is cleaved into two halves, in which it will come back, of its own accord, rather lovelessly, in the manner of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience Showing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul. It’s a companion to literary highs. Or, will wreck your literary high. and here i thought we were just plumbing the usual depths, but no, alas


    The next album is called ASHES. It contains songs about delusional episodes, Nietzschean chasms, and fake apocalpyses. But other than that usual fare there will be some nice surprises. It will be the most upbeat thing we’ve done to date.

    Sorry it’s been taking so long. We shall also come out from under our rocks of debt servitude, show our wintry faces, & play with you in the summer sun, once again.

    Right now I am inspired by the peerless bravado of Tom Jones. I so want to perform like this:

  • Embers preordering


    Hello and thanks to all of you who’ve pre-ordered the vinyl edition of our latest LP Embers. We appreciate that you’ve been waiting for a little while, but we haven’t forgotten you – there have just been some changes in the world of vinyl (e.g., it’s not possible to press a record in Canada anymore, so we have to negotiate a deal with an international plant) that have delayed the production of this artefact.

    & as you know, the whole album (like all of our albums and singles) is available for FREE on Last.fm or Reverbnation (as 128 kbps MP3s – see the links in the sidebar). That’s not changing. If you’re just fine with the free downloads, then we’re just fine with that. Go ahead and take them. We’re still trying to get enough money to get the vinyl pressed, however. Remember, the vinyl edition will only come to fruition if our fans help make it happen. We need to pre-sell 100 copies to make this work. To date, we’ve sold 5. No hype, all transparency here. 5 records.

    So if you really want the vinyl and know other people who might want it too, refer them to this page, or the merch page on this blog. You will only ever be able to buy this album directly from us – not through iTunes, not through CDBaby, Amazon, or anything else like that. And it will be a limited edition release (only 300 copies will ever be pressed).

    As part of our commitment to you we intend to keep you updated with how close we’re getting to our goal of 100 records pre-ordered. Stay tuned to our Twitter presence (@asihe) to keep this on your radar!

    And, as promised, if we don’t make the 100 mark we will refund everyone’s money and call it a day. But let’s give this record one more gigantic push. OK?

    -A Spectre Is Haunting Europe

  • Aug 8 show canceled

    Sorry to bear bad news, but our show in Abbotsford this Saturday has been canceled by the promoters. We hope to get out there soon!

    In the meantime, we’ll be adding more and more new features to this site, aggregating in media and your comments and input from all over the web. Stay tuned!

    And also – we’re heading into the studio again this month, as we’ve got a bunch of new material we need to record before Ciaran heads off to Japan.

  • We’re Twits

    Yep, we’re @asihe if you didn’t already know. Follow our breakfast cereal consumption and commentary there. Individual band members on twitter are also: @jeanh, @LumenSecond, and more to come…also check out the cute little widget to the right (below the Reverbnation widget) which contains all of our fucking tweets.

  • upcoming shows!

    A Spectre Is Haunting Europe is back in the business of playing shows, it appears. So there are two chances in August to check us out live, as per:

    Mon Aug 3 – Vancouver – The Cobalt (917 Main), w/Stiff Valentine, Vancouver Killing Spree

    Sat Aug 8 – Abbotsford – Matsqui Community Hall (33676 St.Olaf Avenue), w/Lillix (ALL AGES SHOW)

    See ya there! More to come!

  • Mastering Embers

    For those interested in our latest album, please hold the phone while we go about remastering the ten tracks. They’re pretty quiet as they are, and much of the density is not being brought to life with the raw mixes. We promise to make these tracks sound as good and as loud as possible.

    And for those interested in keeping the unmastered tracks for posterity, download them while you still can. Within a week everything will be nudged, tweaked, and gain-boosted to “acceptable modern standards for popular music”.

  • Last Night

    crap sound, false starts, (but the live streaming worked! straight out of the pocket!), fun times:


    The final track recounts a badly damaged festival environment, put on by an overbearing and delusional CEO of a small tech startup, demonstrating labour exploitation in the high tech sector since its early 2000s deregulation in British Columbia, a crucial factor in our local tech/social media boom over the past several years. However, as this is poetry or theatre of a sort, the license to exaggerate has been also fully exploited. Here developers sign contracts in blood, get actual strings attached to their fingers so that their keystrokes will not deviate from what their bosses and clients desire, and are eventually cannibalized in front of their children, invited for a special Saturday ‘hot dog day’ in the plaza outside the commercial high rise.

    With that we bring you “BBQMS“, the tenth and final track, concluding the album Embers with the full-on Arrival of Late Capital, washing ashore with its Colonial overtones in Act One, rapidly dehumanizing and hyperindividuating through Act Two, and eventually eating its own means of production, workers, or tail. Don’t say we didn’t give a fair, accurate and timely account of the utter demise of Western Techno-capital. Hope you have enjoyed the party.